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Overview of my research:

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My primary Research focus is computational astrophysics.

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I am working to understand a particular type of binary star system know as polars. In these systems, two stars are gravitationally bound together. One star is a white dwarf, the extremely dense remnant of a star like our sun that has finished its normal life. The other star is a very low mass, cool star. The two stars are so close together that the white dwarf is able to pull gas off of the secondary star. As the material falls towards the white dwarf, it is caught in a strong magnetic field. The physics of these systems is so complex that it is necessary to use computer simulations to understand what is going on in these systems. Through my research and the student projects decribed below, we are building an understanding of these systems

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Student Research

Current Projects

Recent Student Projects

Possible Future Projects

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Conference Posters and Presentations


My PhD dissertation is now available here in several formats:
PDF Postscript
Entire dissertation 29.2 MB Entire dissertation 58.4 MB
individual sections below individual sections below
Front material 74 kB Front material 183 kB
Chapter 1 1.6 MB Chapter 1 3.2 MB
Chapter 2 14.0 MB Chapter 2 24.3 MB
Chapter 3 108 kB Chapter 3 183 kB
Chapter 4 4.5 MB Chapter 4 8.8 MB
Chapter 5 2.7 MB Chapter 5 5.5 MB
Chapter 6 6.4 MB Chapter 6 17.2 MB
Chapter 7 47 kB Chapter 7 160 kB
Appendices 125 kB Appendices 201 kB
References 53 kB References 156 kB

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