Genetics & Evolution


Welcome to the Genetics and Evolution website. Genetics and evolution belong to a group of historically radical scientific disciplines that force us to constantly evaluate and revise our beliefs about ourselves and the natural world. Because of this, and because much of what has been discovered in these areas lies outside the realm of common sense and direct observation, genetics and evolution are often considered among the most difficult biological disciplines. Yet understanding genetics and evolution is essential to biological study - they are central unifying disciplines in biology and also provide a strong foundation for knowledge about ourselves and how we came to be. This website is designed as a guide and learning aid for Dr. Scott's Genetics and Evolution courses at South Carolina State. Genetics is taught in the Spring and Fall, Evolution in the Spring only.


About Dr. Scott

Dr. Scott received his Ph.D. in Genetics from Indiana University, Bloomington and conducted post-doctoral research at Montana State University. Dr. Scott teaches the Genetics and Evolution courses at South Carolina State University. In his classes, he encourages Biology majors to focus on integrated concepts and to set and achieve high personal scholarly standards. Dr. Scott has also maintained an active research program in fruitfly genetics. His research laboratory has provided many students with experiences in data collection and analysis, experimental design and publication in refereed scientific journals. He has published articles in several refereed biology journals and has served as reviewer for the textbooks he uses in Genetics and Evolution. Dr. Scott lives in Orangeburg with his wife, who is also a professor at South Carolina State, and their two children.