Physics Visitation Day at SC State University - November 3, 2012


This event, like the previous two, was designed for high school students with an interest in physics as a college major. It was an opportunity for them to visit the physics labs and classrooms at SC State along with parents and teachers if they so desired.

A call for applications was sent out across the state to numerous high schools and science teacher organizations. The response was overwhelming and the application process had to be closed a week before the original deadline because there were already four (4) times as many applicants as there were spaces available.

Attendees who arrived before the 10:00 AM start of the formal program had time to enjoy a light breakfast and participate in the physics displays set up in the lobby. SC State undergraduate physics majors and faculty demonstrated concepts from light, magnetism, sound, energy, angular momentum and waves.

Dr. Judith Salley, Chair of the Department of Biological and Physical Sciences, greeted the students and parents who then were divided into a Blue Group and a Garnet Group. The groups proceeded to move from one lab to the other and participated in four separate hands-on experiences in cosmology, motion, atmospheric physics and the SC State Ozone and Balloon Project.

After lunch and another round of laboratory experiences, the program ended with presentations by Mr. Kelvin Bonnette, the Associate Director of Financial Aid, and Mr. Dwayne Mack from the Office of Admissions and Recruitment.

Event Statistics

Number of High School Student Applicants 149
The high schools that sent students to the event included:
Number of High Schools Applying 19
Number of Students Attending 26
Number of Parents/Teachers Attending 12
Number of High Schools Attending 13
OCSD5 Charter School
Number of SC State Physics Faculty 5
Number of SC State Staff/Administrators 4
Number of SC State Undergrads 7
Lake Marion
Wade Hampton (Greenville)
White Knoll

The SC State physics majors who participated included:
JuLeia Allen, De'Angelo Dinkins, Johnae Eleby, Charles Kurgatt, Myles McKay, Yam Pariyar and Alexis Pryor.

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