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Dr. Jennifer Cash

Dr. Jennifer Cash
manages the astronomy option, does computational modeling of pulsating stars and binary star systems and is involved with scientific visualizations and high performance computing. She recently was awarded observing time by NASA to use the Kepler space observatory. Dr. Cash has developed over 150 short videos on topics related to math and physics as well as other hands-on activities for use with undergraduate physics courses at SC State as part of a NSF curriculum enhancement project.

Office Room: L Davis, Jr Hall 324; Phone: 516-4753; E-mail:



Bryon Fogle

Mr. Bryon Fogle
teaches physical science while serving as a liaison with the public schools and conducts outreach talks to students and teachers related to ozone, atmospheric science and the SC State balloon project. Mr. Fogle is in charge of the introductory physical science lab and has recently developed new lab activities that are being piloted in these courses.

Office Room: Hodge Hall 206A; Phone: 536-7161; E-mail:




Dr. Daniel Smith

Dr. Daniel Smith
has research interests that include physics education and cosmology. He is currently developing web-based resources and laboratory exercises in extragalacitic astronomy and cosmology. Dr. Smith is developing Invention Instruction exercises for use in the physics courses at SC State as part of a NSF curriculum enhancement project.

Office Room: L Davis, Jr Hall 323; Phone: 536-7162; E-mail:
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Dr. Donald Walter

Dr. Donald Walter (Physics Area Program Coordinator)
is the Principal Investigator on several astronomy and space science projects, and conducts research on pulsating stars using ground-based and space-based telescopes. Additionally he manages a student balloon research program that studies the ozone concentration in the troposphere and stratosphere. Recently he joined the Citizen CATE ( Continental America Telescopic Eclipse) Experiment as a CoI and will travel to Indonesia for the March 2016 solar eclipse in preparation for the August 2017 eclipse in South Carolina.
Office Room: L Davis, Jr Hall 130; Phone: 533-3773; E-mail: