A Partnership in Observational and Computational Astronomy

Year 7 Summary

During the reporting period, five (5) undergraduates received training in astronomical data reduction and analysis including work with IDL or IRAF or Mathematica software. A total of six (6) undergraduates received scholarships or stipends to participate in indpendendent study research.

Faculty Walter, Cash, and Smith all received support to conduct research, publish in referred journals and present their results at professional meetings as described elsewhere in this report.

One graduate student at Clemson was supported to conduct research toward completing her MS in astronomy.

We are currently in a no-cost extension period with very limited funds remaining under or original PAARE 2008 award. However, we have been awarded a second PAARE award in 2014 for 3 years and we will use those resouces and others avaialble to concentrate on scholarship, fellowship and stipend support for our undergraduates and graduate students. Additionally, the SCSU faculty will collaborate with Sean Brittain's group at Clemson who are studying Herbig-Haro AeBe stars.