A Partnership in Observational and Computational Astronomy

Year 5 Summary

During the reporting period, 3 underrepresented minority graduate students at Clemson progressed toward advanced degrees. One (Shaun Hampton) will receive his M.S. in astronomy in May 2013 and then pursue a Ph.D. in theoretical particle physics at Ohio State University, since Clemson is not involved in that sub-discipline. A second graduate student (Jared Lalmansingh) will complete his M.S. in astronomy in the summer of 2013 and then seek employment. The third graduate student (Adrianna Delgado-Navarro) will take her Ph.D. qualifying exams in the fall of 2013 while conducting research on classical novae.

A total of 7 undergraduate students were supported through scholarships and/or summer internships at SC State during this award period. Five of the seven were from underrepresented groups (Hispanic and African-American). Two of the undergraduates came from out of state institutions (Montclair University and Sacramento Community College), while the other five were undergraduate physics majors with the astronomy option at SC State. One SC State student will graduate in May 2013, two more in May 2014 and two more in May 2015.

Cash, Smith and Walter at SC State continued to develop their professional skills through working with their collaborators at Clemson, NOAO and NASA. This included authorship on papers, writing and submission of grants as well as increasing their knowledge base within the areas of research and curriculum development.