A Partnership in Observational and Computational Astronomy

Year 2 Research, Education and Training Activities

Mayo's work on better understanding the role magnetic fields play in star formation is a contribution that is nearly ready for submission to peer review.

  • E. Mayo & T. Troland, "VLA HI Zeeman Observations of the Cygnus X Regions DR 22 and ON 2", The Astronomical Journal, p. , vol. , (2010). In preparation,
  • E. Mayo, N. Abel, P. Lockett, A. Sarma & T. Troland, "VLA OH Zeeman Observations and Complete Environmental Analysis of NGC 6334 A", The Astrophysical Journal, p. , vol. , (2010). In preparation,

Work that will advance the field's understanding of RV Tauri stars is being prepared by Cash, Howell and Walter for publication and will be ready to submit for peer review by the end of the summer of 2010. See the Findings section for more details. Cash, Jennifer; Howell, Steve; and Walter, Don, "A Long Term Photometric and Spectroscopic Study of RV Advancing the field's understanding of the role that NuSTAR can play in the detection of Type Ia supernovae is being prepared by Leising. It is anticipated this work will be submitted for peer review during Year 3 of the project.

Smith's work on laboratory exercises in cosmology for nonscience majors and STEM majors will be ready for web posting and possibly other means of dissemination during Year 3 of the project.