A Partnership in Observational and Computational Astronomy

Year 1 Project Partners

Clemson University

Collaborators from Clemson University have provided lead school SCSU with access to their facilities at KPNO. Specifically, an observing run on the 4 meter telescope in November of 2008 included PI Walter and an undergraduate student Jared Lalmansingh working with Clemson graduate student Eric Bubar. The session was a seminal event for the SCSU student, inspiring him to change his degree option from general physics to physics with the astronomy option.

Clemson astronomers, specifically Co-PI Mark Leising, have prepared for collaborative research with an SCSU undergraduate intern during the summer of 2009.

Clemson faculty member and Co-PI Mark Leising visited SCSU in September to meet more faculty and students, and to give the students details on problems and opportunities in high-energy space astronomy.

Three SCSU students and two professors visited Clemson in July 2008 to discuss their summer's work, hear about research opportunities from graduate students and faculty, get to know Clemson, and hear more directly from students what graduate school is like. Research activities of everyone involved at both institutions was presented.

Western Kentucky University

Astronomers at Western Kentucky University (WKU) have worked with SCSU astronomers to prepare the 1.3 meter telescope, also known as the Robotically Controlled Telescope (RCT), for research use under the PAARE award. SCSU and WKU have collaborated with other schools over the years in the management of the telescope. Lightning strikes in the summer of 2008 have resulted in multiple equipment failures. SCSU and WKU worked on those problems and the telescope is being prepared to be brought online. The RCT will be used by SCSU in its long term study of RV Tauri stars.

National Optical Astronomy Observatory

NOAO personnel Co-PI Howell and Senior Personnel Mighell have collaborated on this project in a number of ways. They have helped coordinate and plan both student research and faculty research.

Up to 20% of Howell's time is being allocated to the SCSU PAARE project. Howell has provided archival spectra from the coude feed telescope that contribute significantly to the RV Tauri research at SCSU. He has helped SCSU faculty members organize their research project through near-term and long-term planning.

Mighell is the NSF REU Site Coordinator at KPNO and has helped SCSU prepare to send a summer intern

Howell conducted a research visit to SC State in April 2009.