A Partnership in Observational and Computational Astronomy

Earth & Space Science Workshop for Middle and High School Teachers and Students

June 27 - 30, 2011

South Carolina State University
Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College

Orangeburg, SC

NGC 1818: A Young Globular Cluster

Earth & Space Science Workshop for Middle and High School Teachers and Students

This workshop is designed to acquaint the teacher and student participants with subject matter, educational resources, information on Project Lead the Way and student career opportunities in the fields of astronomy, astrobiology, atmospheric science and physics. Teachers and students will participate in hands-on activities related to these fields and take back information for future participation by other teachers and students.

Left: NGC 1818: A Young Globular Cluster. Credit: Diedre Hunter (Lowell Obs.) et al., HST, NASA (link)
Below: NASA Astrobiology Poster (link)


NASA Poster





Workshop Groups

Group A will consist of pairs of high school teachers and their students. Each teacher will be responsible for identifying a rising sophomore, junior or senior at their high school who will attend the workshop with the teacher and the two will carry out activities as a team. Group A participants will attend from Monday, June 27, through Thursday, June 30. Teachers in this group are responsible for obtaining parental permission for the students to attend.

Group B will consist of middle school and high school teachers attending without a student partner. They will attend from Tuesday, June 28, through Thursday, June 30.


Workshop Benefits

  • Recertification hours (Group A: 28 hours, Group B 20 hours)
  • Stipends
  • Each participant (students and teachers) will be provided with individual lodging at a local hotel, meals, and transportation costs from home to Orangeburg.






General Instructions


Balloon Launch


Balloon Launch Mosaic


Link to last year's workshop


This workshop is hosted by South Carolina State University and Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College and funded by the National Science Foundation through a NSF/PAARE award to SC State (AST-0750814), a NSF/OEDG subaward to SC State through the University of Houston – Downtown (0703585) and through a NSF/Project Lead the Way award to OCtech.



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