A Partnership in Observational and Computational Astronomy

American Astronomical Society Meeting, January, 2013

January 6-10, 2013
Long Beach, California

POCA undergraduates Charles Kurgatt, Bryan Pugh and Will Hernandez gave poster presentations at the 221st meeting of the American Astronomical Society held in Long Beach, California, January 6-10, 2013. Kurgatt and Pugh are SC State students majoring in physics with the astronomy option, while Hernandez is a physics major at Montclair University who participated in the POCA Summer 2012 REU program at SC State.

SC State astronomers Don Walter and Jennifer Cash also attended and presented a summary poster on the first five years of the NSF PAARE program at SC State known as POCA.

The posters included:




Left to right: Dr. Walter, C. Kurgatt, B. Pugh and W. Hernandez





Byran Pugh stands beside his poster.



Charles Kurgatt at his AAS Poster


Will Hernandez presents his research poster



Charles explains his work to an interested astronomer