MUCESS Program at SCSU



Mission: To increase minority participation in the Earth and space sciences. This includes faculty and student research, K-16 education and public outreach.

Goals: Create research related activities and incorporate into outreach. Involve minority and underrepresented groups. Support STEM pipeline.



Collaboration Team:

  • Medgar Evers College, CUNY
  • Norfolk State University
  • South Carolina State University
  • University of Houston-Downtown
  • DePaul University

Partnership based:

  1. Common research and outreach goals.
  2. Commitment to increase minority and underrepresented groups in STEM programs and careers.
  3. Mutual respect and collaborations.
  4. Joint presentations at national meetings -AGU, GSA, AAS, ASP, NSBP/NSHP, etc.
  5. Joint publication A decade of lessons learned. Journal of Geoscience Education. D. K. Walter, S. A. Austin, L. P. Johnson, P. A. Morris, C. Salgado. Expected Publication Date: Late 2007.

Financial Support: NASA and NSF.

balloon launch


Project: Balloon based research activities directed towards Involving undergraduate students in STEM related activities. Medgar Evers will lead a satellite science and technology program, providing small scale vehicle for atmospheric and environmental investigations (link).

Sustainability: Integrate into existing or specially developed courses based on Balloon Satellite/environmental atmospheric remote sensing. Incorporate into university supported degree programs. Provide a regional investigation of tropospheric ozone with specialized projects for each partner.



2007-2008 Projected Experiences:

  • November: Joint ozone training workshop in Paradox, NY. Led by Medgar Evers College (link).
  • Spring: University of Houston joint ozone launches with University of Houston. Medgar Evers College launching in Paradox .
  • Spring and Summer: Ozone monitoring and participation in IONS 2008
  • Summer: Continued workshops with students and faculty.

Outreach: Develop program and train in the late Spring. MUCESS will adopt student outreach ambassador program developed by University of Houston-Downtown.