Directions to the Science Complex of Davis Hall and nearby Hodge Hall at SC State, Orangeburg, SC

Directions to Campus from the 145A exit off of I -26:

  1. Exit I-26 at Exit 145-A, toward Orangeburg.
  2. Once you get off the exit ramp, you will be traveling on US 601
  3. You will travel on US 601 a distance of 4.5 miles, at which point you will turn left onto campus.
  4. During those 4.5 miles you will pass through 7 traffic lights and at the 8th light you will turn left, onto the SCSU campus.
  5. Just before you get to the 8th light, you will see Claflin University on your left. Continue on one more block to the SCSU entrance.
  6. At the security booth tell them you are meeting with Dr. Walter in Room 130 Davis Hall.
  7. After the security booth, you will travel 2 blocks and then the road forks, take the left fork.
  8. Travel one short block and you will turn left into the parking lot.
  9. There are 3 visitor's spots on the right, all the way to the end of the row furthest from the road.

Campus Map