Directions to the Hodge Hall Science Building at SC State, Orangeburg, SC

Directions to Campus from the 145A exit off of I -26:

(Note the following will bring you to the "new" entrance on the by-pass). After you exit at 145A you will be on US 601 headed toward Orangeburg. You will stay on this road approximately 3.5 miles before you make a turn.

  1. During those 3.5 miles on US 601 you will pass through a total of 6 lights and turn left at the 7th light.
  2. At the 7th light, turn left. (Note you will see a CVS pharmacy and several convenience stores on the corners at the 7th light.)
  3. Travel a total of two blocks, passing through one light and at the second light, turn right onto the campus
  4. After you pass the security booth, the road winds ahead to a stop sign. You will be facing the student dorms (the Hugine Suites). The white building, on your left is the basketball stadium (SHM).
  5. At the stop sign in front of Hugine Suites, turn left onto Buckley. Travel one block on Buckley and turn right onto Geathers. You are now on the street that will lead you to Hodge Hall.
  6. Travel on Geathers for a bit more than 2 blocks. The I.P. Stanback Museum and Planetarium is now on your right. It is a red brick building that includes a round exterior wall (the planetarium).
  7. To go to Hodge Hall, do not turn at the museum/planetarium, instead continue on Geathers street for another block. On your right, just before Hodge, will be a large vacant lot that has been cleared for future construction.
  8. The first building on the right after the vacant lot is Hodge Hall. Find a parking spot in the lot or the vacant lot, but do not park in numbered spots.