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“The NASA-funded SERCH Project (Southeast Regional Clearinghouse) has completed its mission as of July 31, 2007. This project was lead by the SERCH PI, Dr. Cassandra Runyon, and her team at the College of Charleston with South Carolina State University (SCSU) a collaborator through its Center for NASA Research and Technology from 2002 – 2007. Drs. Donald Walter and Linda Payne were the SCSU collaborators to SERCH.

The main SERCH web site at the College of Charleston is archived here

SERCH activities at SCSU


NASA SOFIA Teacher Workshop
The Scientific Search for Life Outside the Earth - Talks by NASA Scientist
Drs. Payne and Walter present at the American Geophysical Union
SCSU Faculty Presents at NASA Astrobiology Conference
Dr. Walter Presents at the American Astronomical Society Meeting


Drs. Payne and Walter attend the Astronomical EPO Conference
Dr. Smith presents at the American Association of Physics Teachers
Dr. Walter presents at the NASA Balloon Workshop at Cornell
Dr. Adzievski visits NASA Ames
Space Science for Teachers "Reunion" Workshop
Astrochemistry Workshop at NASA Goddard


Space Science for Teachers
Messenger Workshop


Space Science for Teachers
SERCH Strategy Session