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Center for NASA Research & Technology

South Carolina State University


In 1995, the Center for Network Resources and Training (CNRT) was established at South Carolina State University with a five year grant award from NASA through its Minority University Space Interdisciplinary Network (MU-SPIN). At the time CNRT was one of seven Network Resources and Training sites in the county. SCSU collaborates with several Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Minority Institutions and predominantly minority-attended elementary and secondary schools in managing the center. This collaborative effort includes the mutual exchange of technical ideas, network training, and partnerships in teaching and research. In 1999, the program emphasis began to shift away from a largely computer technology and Internet orientation towards greater involvement with NASA research, education and outreach missions.

Having accomplished much of its original mission, the CNRT re-directed its resources to increasing the number of NASA programs and products implemented at the Consortium schools. Education, research, and outreach are all important components of this new focus. At SC State University, special emphasis is being placed on the space sciences in order to complement and strengthen existing programs. To underscore this change in focus there was a name change with CNRT denoting the Center for NASA Research and Technology.

For 2004, CNRT is operating under a one-year grant from NASA MU-SPIN. Focus remains with space science education, research and outreach.