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South Carolina State University

Center for Automated Space Science (CASS)


CASS is a NASA-funded University Research Center at TSU, which has supported astronomical research and education at SCSU since 1995. Students and faculty members from SCSU have been funded through CASS to carry out projects which ranged from analysis of Hubble Space Telescope data to radio astronomy to developing computer-based materials for teaching cosmology to non-science students.

The Explorers of the Universe Project is supported by CASS and hosts an interactive website which is used by SCSU researchers to maintain electronic journals chronicling the progress of their work. Additionally, SCSU students used the metacognative tool known as the Concept Map to develop a better understanding of their work and the interrelationship of the many concepts related to their research. SCSU faculty members attended a workshop in Nashville in the fall of 2000 during which they received training in the use of the website and pedagogical basis of these resources.

Funded under a subcontract from the Tennessee State University (TSU) MURED-URC award NCCW-0085