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South Carolina State University

Astrochemistry Workshop
at NASA Goddard


The CNRT at South Carolina State University (SCSU) and its collaborators participated in the second annual astrochemistry curriculum development workshop sponsored by the Goddard Center for Astrophysics (GCA) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center July 5-7, 2005.

Participants from SCSU and those supported by the CNRT include:

The five participants teamed-up with educators from Tennesse and North Carolina as well as scienctists and education experts at Goddard. The team worked on developing lesson plans and other curriculum products in astrochemistry and astrobiology for K-12 schools.

SCSU participated in this workshop as a member of the Minority Institute Astrobiology Collaborative (MIAC).

SCSU's participation in the GCA workshop was funded through its MUCERPI-2003 award from NASA's Science Mission Directorate and a subgrant from NASA's Broker/Faciliatator SERCH.