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Drs. Payne and Walter presents at the American Geophysical Union

Drs. Linda Payne and Donald Walter gave a talk in Baltimore, Maryland, at the spring 2006 meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

Their talk, entitled "Increasing Diversity in the K-16 Pipeline in Earth and Space Science" was given on Thursday, May 25, 2006.

Authors: Donald Walter & Linda Payne


We discuss the successes and challenges of a comprehensive program implemented at South Carolina State University (SCSU) that is intended to increase diversity in earth and space science. SCSU is a Historically Black College/University that has partnered with NASA and others over the past decade to develop activities that have largely concentrated on space science. We have effectively brought together scientists and educators to implement teacher training, K-12 student activities, public outreach and an undergraduate research program. Based on our space science experience we are applying the "lessons learned" to a new earth science program.

Support has been provided by NASA MUCERPI (NNG04GD62G), NASA MU-SPIN (NNG04GC40A), NASA SERCH (NCC 5-607) and NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (NRA NN-H-04-Z-YO-006-N).