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Conduct workshops, training sessions, seminars, and
related activities which support the mission and goals of CNRT

One of the major components of the NASA grants awarded to SC State University is outreach. Since 1995, CNRT has been supporting training workshops, information sessions and events to the campus community, its partners, K-12 students and teachers, and to the public.

The following offer information for students, educators and the general public. interested in space science.

Bamberg-Calhoun-Orangeburg Math Science Hub

The campus based BCO Math Science Hub is a K-12 teacher resource center. The CNRT and the HUB collaborate on numerous activities. The HUB staff uses the CNRT computer lab and other resources to train teachers in the use of technology and to co-sponsor programs and activities. The CNRT in turn relies on the HUB to provide connections to K-12 community and to help establish links for teachers and other educators. Dr. Linda Payne, BCO Hub Director, is the Co-Investigator for Education on several NASA programs at SCSU.

NASA Education Resource Center
NASA's Office of Space Science Southeast Regional Clearinghouse
SCSU's Stanback Planetarium