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NASA Supported Faculty Research at SCSU

NASA has supported faculty research at SCSU since 1995 in a variety of fields including astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering, environmental science, mathematics, material science and physics. Since 2001, the emphasis on faculty research has been in areas related to space science and includes work by the following individuals:

Dr. D. Smith's team



Dr. D. Smith has research interests that include physics education and cosmology.





Dr. Wagih Abdel-Kader






Dr. Wagih Abdel-Kader studies radiation effects in semiconductor devices.


Dr. Julius Barnes




Dr. Julius Barnes is investigating thermoelectric materials.






Dr. Nasrollah Hamidi



Dr. Nasrollah Hamidi is an assistant professor of Chemistry at SCSU. He is interested in astrobiology and astrochemistry in addition to other research areas. Dr. Hamidi is part of the Astrobiology in Secondary Classrooms Team funded by the Goddard Center for Astrobiology.



Dr. Jennifer Cash




Dr. Jennifer Cash’s research includes modeling interactive binary star systems.





Dr. Jim Payne




Dr. Jim Payne’s research interests include studies of superconducting materials, bio-detectors, and radio astronomy.




Dr. Donald Walter





Dr. Donald Walter, Physics Program Coordinator, has research interests in astrophysics that include the interstellar medium, starburst galaxies and comets.