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Livermore Astrophysicist Speaks at SCSU


Dr. Dearborn


Dr. David Dearborn, an astrophysicist from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, visited the Department of Biological and Physical Sciences at SCSU October 16 - 20, 2006. His visit was part of a collaboration with Dr. Jennifer Cash of the Department of Biological and Physical Sciences at SCSU. This collaboration is through the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Research Collaborations Program for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Dearborn and Cash study stars using computer modeling to simulate their physical properties. This was Dr. Dearborn's second visit to SCSU to work with Dr. Cash. He was last here in March 2005 (link).

On Thursday, October 19, Dr. Dearborn gave an talk to students and faculty "Research at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, an overview of the lab's mission in astrophysics and in defense-related issues."


Drs. Cash and Dearborn


Dr. Dearborn's talk was hosted by the SCSU Center for NASA Research and Technology (CNRT) and the NSF HBCU-UP/RISC programs.