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Dr. Walter Presents at the
American Astronomical Society Meeting

Dr. Donald Walter presented a display paper at the 207th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, 8-12 January 2006 in Washington, DC.

The paper is coautherd by fellow physics faculty members at SCSU, Drs. Jennifer Cash, James Payne, Linda Payne and Daniel Smith. The title and abstract of the article are below:

The Astrophysics Program at South Carolina State University

The September 2005 issue of "Physics Today" highlighted the progress of developing space science programs at a number of minority institutions. South Carolina State University (SCSU), an Historically Black College/University, was one of the featured schools. Here we present an in-depth review of the astrophysics program at SCSU in the areas of faculty and student research, curriculum development and outreach. We include a discussion of such activities as our Undergraduate Research Institute in Astrophysics, a "pre-REU" summer internship program operating since 1998 in which a total of nearly 50 underrepresented minority students have participated. Successful partnerships with NASA research centers, KPNO, Lawrence Livermore National Lab and others are described as well as our outreach to the K-12 community including the NASA Explorer Schools.

Support for these programs includes funding from NASA/MUCERPI (NNG04GD62G), NASA/MU-SPIN (NNG04GC40A), NASA/URC (NCCW-0085) and the NASA Broker/Facilitator program SERCH (NCC 5-607)