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Dr. Smith presents at the
American Association of Physics Teachers

Dr. Daniel Smith, Associate Professor of Physics at SCSU, presented a paper at the national meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachersin Salt Lake City, Utah, August 6-10, 2005 (meeting link). The title and abstract of his talk are given below.

Comparison of PC Simulations of Large Scale Structure with Data

Growth of Large Scale Structure in the universe is a complex problem, requiring supercomputers for an adequate treatment. Important physics (including an expanding universe, horizon growth, and cold or hot dark matter) can be extracted from the deeper treatment, however, to formulate a toy model suitable for a desktop computer. Krauss and Starkman have proposed such a model, and its implications have been previously explored qualitatively.1 We present quantitative comparisons between the Krauss-Starkman model and analyses of SDSS galactic data.

Travel funds for this trip are being provided under two NASA awards: SCSU's MUCERPI-2003 award from NASA's Science Mission Directorate and a subgrant to SCSU from NASA's Broker/Facilitator SERCH which is located at the College of Charleston.