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Center for NASA Research & Technology

South Carolina State University


To provide assistance, funding, and other means of support in order to implement NASA programs and products in education, research, and outreach at CNRT partner schools. Through the use of video conferencing, the Internet and related technologies, CNRT will support efforts under all NASA enterprises, but will place special emphasis on the space sciences.


  • Provide support for implementation of NASA programs and products at partner schools with special emphasis on the space sciences
  • Conduct workshops, training sessions, seminars, and related activities which support the mission and goals of CNRT
  • Promote use of the Internet, video conferencing, and related technologies
  • Support and help implement the strategic plans and goals of NASA and MU-SPIN
  • Promote increased collaboration in research and educational endeavors among its partners and other MU-SPIN schools
  • Support research and other activities which encourage students to pursue advanced degrees or employment in fields of interest to NASA