January 27, 2023

About Us

The major in physics provides the student with fundamental training in the physical principles of nature. This program is designed for the student to acquire a basic understanding of physics and to develop the scientific skills and aptitude necessary for further study. Students pursuing the physics curriculum will have opportunities to study other useful and related fields such as mathematics, engineering technology, biology and chemistry. A student who successfully completes this program will be able to pursue a variety of careers in various branches of physics as well as other fields. Students selecting physics as a minor are required to complete a minimum of twenty semester hours in physics. Physics majors are not required to have a minor.


The program and course offerings in the area of Physics undergird the goals of the College of Science, Mathematics and Engineering Technology. The objectives of these programs and course offerings are to provide appropriate learning experiences that enable students:

  1. To understand the fundamental importance of science in daily life through basic, general course offerings;
  2. To develop an appreciation for the natural sciences and scientific endeavors;
  3. To develop scientific attitudes and skills in evaluation and problem solving as a basis for pursuing knowledge;
  4. To pursue research opportunities in the natural sciences;
  5. To obtain basic, quality training necessary for entering medical and allied health careers; and
  6. To obtain training necessary to become professional scientists, science teachers, or to pursue advanced graduate work.


All students are required to earn a grade of at least C in each of their major courses.